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Hi there!

I'm RK (if you know me from Twitter), Roh (if you know me from way before Twitter), and for those of you who know me in real life, just pretend you don't. I promise it will be more fun that way. 

In my online life, I pretend to be a writer of sorts. I have written some original fiction, though most of it is indifferent and unpublished. I have written a lot of fanfiction though, some of which can be found at Archive of Our Own (AO3). I'm also an infrequent contributor at Bring on the Cats and at The Daily Gopher, where I indulge my love of (and frustration with) American college sports. 

I have an amateur interest in medieval history and adaptations of medieval folklore. In fact, I co-host a podcast, Never Forget the Outlaws, focusing on the Robin Hood legend, and I'm also slowly (at a glacial pace) writing a non-fiction work on the practice of law in medieval England, 

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